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Weekly Activity Check 3/9/2012

Weekly Activity Check 9/3/12

First Warning: The following Character have one week to post or they will be given their second warning:
None at this time

Second Warning: The following Characters have ONE week from today's date to post or they will be dropped for inactivity:
None at this time

Dropped for Inactivity: Characters dropped for inactivity become available for app in one weeks time from either original player or another interested party.


* If you are having problems with one or more characters putting something on the community because a log or two are taking longer than anticipated or some other reason, please talk to a mod about a possible extension.

If you are on hiatus, please keep the mods informed as to what is going on.

Please note: Several players are on Hiatus/slowaitis at this time.  Please remember to keep a mod informed about the state of your hiatus/slowaitus


If you believe this information is incorrect or if you have any questions, please ask a MOD :)

After talking to Kai, she has decided that what is best for her right now is to be able to concentrate on one character for the small amount of game time she has with how busy RL is.

She will be keeping Deidara, and while still on Hiatus, hopefully will be around more as the school year settles in.  Kiba and Karkat, as much as we all love them, are being dropped.  

As a reminder, if a character is dropped, what happened with them does not magically poof.  If we get another player, or the original player repicks them up, there is the option of the history of that character continuing, or a new character with the same name appearing.