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Weekly Activity Check

Weekly Activity Check 6/25/2012

First Warning: The following Character have one week to post or they will be given their second warning:


Second Warning: The following Characters have ONE week from today's date to post or they will be dropped for inactivity:

None at this time.

Dropped for Inactivity:Characters dropped for inactivity become available for app in one weeks time from either original player or another interested party.

None at this time

Also, please welcome back Hiashi.

If you believe this information is incorrect or if you have any questions, please ask a MOD :)

Previous Apps

Here you will find the applications of any who chose to make them public. It might help you get a better idea of a character, get some information on their background or simply inspire you to create your app for your own character. Feel free to take ideas from here.

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The Mods

ONLINE.jpgLunaka Wren

Lunaka has been writing fanfiction since she was thirteen years old, when she created an OC X-Man for her favourite character, Nightcrawler. She found the wonderful world of Naruto when she was twenty years old (far too late in life XD) and began RPing as Rock Lee that very year. She has been in a grand total of twelve RPGs and has created three, all of which failed within six months.

Her OTP is GaaLee, but she is open to all Lee pairings XD

She has RP'd with names such as Chinesefirethorn, CGaussie and Darkprism. It was the tales of Darkprism's Break that inspired WreckLess's creation. 

She formed WreckLess in 2010 and is amazingly proud of it.


It wasn't by choice that Esca discovered the magic of roleplaying. Rather, she was thrust into it unexpectedly and rather than fight it kicking and screaming, she chose to embrace it.

She wrote her very first fanfiction at the age of twelve--a sappy romance featuring Mimi and Yamato from Digimon. Her mother was so proud of her that she bookmarked it on the internet. Esca was humiliated and henceforth hid all of her future fanfiction ventures from her... to this day she is not sure if she has been successful or not. She hopes she has, as she's come a long way from writing fluffy innocent teen romances, and has rather developed a penchant for writing things of the explicitly raunchy, homosexual sort!

Unlike her beautiful co-moderator, Esca cannot pick an OTP, as there are too many fandoms she dabbles in and adores... though if you were to ask her who her all-time favorite anime character is, she could answer in a split second. Esca will always have a soft spot for one Neji Hyuuga, and he in turn always has a place on her pillow in cuddly plush form.

Esca has been with WreckLess since the very beginning and hopes to be around long enough to see it through to the very end... though if she had things her way, there would be no end in sight!

The WreckLess Crew


http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/still/x-men-first-class06.jpgDrake Masters (Kevin Bacon)

Drake was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which, through clever business plans and a lot of luck, he has expanded into a full cutlery set. Luckily for the staff and patrons of WreckLess he was also born with a heart of pure gold.

Selfless and understanding, if more than a little eccentric, Drake is willing to put not only his staff but himself out to help someone in need, and has no quams about spending his money if he thinks it will result in happiness for someone. It is perhaps for this reason that Drake has been married a grand total of seven times! Four times for love, three for conveinience. All of his ex-wives are still in contact andhttp://www.buzzine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/kevin_bacon_20090219.jpg on good terms with him, and he continued to see two of them up until his latest marriage to the illusive 'Mrs Masters', whom he is loyal to for the first time.

Drake first came up with the idea of WreckLess after he and ‘Mrs Masters’ attempted to find a quiet place to eat and drink on Mardigras in New Orleans. He thought that having a club that catered to every type of evening, from a dance rave to a kinky sex club to a quiet place to eat and listen to music. He managed to find an investor in Hiashi Hyuuga and an adviser in Shazz de la Shay, both of whom are now co-owners of the club.

Drake can usually be found at the top of WreckLess in his office and appears to never be busy. It is a wonder to all he ever gets any work done.

http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f145/escachick/ElJay/shazz-drink.jpgShazz de la Shay (Sharon TK)

Shazz is a Jersey girl through and through; she’s tough, talented, won’t take crap from anyone, and makes some of the best Italian cuisine you will ever taste in your life.

Her former life was a mish-mash of Jersey Shore meets Real Housewives... without the collagen and orange tans. The only daughter of a demented, hard-partying socialite with more nips, tucks, and stitches than a Raggedy Ann doll and an absentee father, Shazz de la Shay was expected to be one of those girls that was 'famous for being famous' when she grew up... like a Kardashian. Sadly, her ambitions were always a little more... neurotic. Shazz decided to do everything she could to set herself apart from the rest of her heiress brethren... she got tattoos, wore odd fetish clothing to high society events, and scared away suitors left and right. Her mother eventually deemed her a lost cause, wrote her out of her will, and Shazz decided to take it upon herself to hitchhike through the turnpike to New York with nothing but the clothes on her back and twenty dollars stuffed in her pushup bra.

Not even 48 hours later she stumbled upon Manhattan’s underground fetish club scene, and it was as if a missing piece of her had finally been filled. She got a job in a seedy d/S club as a dominatrix and scrimped and http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f145/escachick/ElJay/sharon-tk-green2.jpgsaved together all the money she received in ‘tributes’ performing personal sessions with clients ranging from your everyday Average Joes to some of New York’s finest government officials. She was able to pile that money together to open up her own d/S club in Tribeca, named Dollhouse. She wasn't even able to enjoy six months of success before competition came knocking at her door in the form of a man named Drake Masters, and his shiny new club with all its pomp and circumstance.

You can never take the Jersey out of a girl, especially a girl with business savvy wearing 6-inch stilettos and a PVC vinyl dress with leopard spots tattooed on her shoulders. Despite her rough and tumble words, Drake kept the same disarming smile on his face, and then he made Shazz an offer that made her trip over her heels and into his arms—quite literally. In a generous manner that Shazz would soon find out was customary for him, he offered to buy out her club and toss in his establishment for her to run in his stead.

She didn't hear from him for a while after that until he came knocking at her door with another business opportunity. Apparently he liked the numbers he was seeing, because he was insistent upon having her be an adviser to him for his new business operation located in sunny California, WreckLess. Shazz is a girl that repays favors, so she accepted once more.

Shazz de la Shay now resides in San Francisco, and if she can't be found in Wreck, the seedy underbelly of Wreckless, she can be found walking along Castro St. at night... in six inch heels, of course. And she's always packing a pair of fuzzy handcuffs with her.


http://cdn.crushable.com/files/2008/09/taylor-momsen-glasses-nc.jpgAlice Morgan (Taylor Momsen)
P.A to Drake Masters

Alice Morgan is a sweet young girl with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue on occasion. She was born and raised in San Francisco and attended the City College of San Francisco, graduating with honours. She quickly put herself out on the job market and managed to find a job as assistant to Drake Masters, an entrepreneur who was planning on establishing a club in San Francisco. Drake took exactly eighteen minutes interviewing her before giving her a rather large first paycheck.

Alice’s quick mind is a definite asset, and she is loyal to a fault to Drake, completely un-accepting of any smear against her boss. She can take his light flirting as the gentle tease he intends it to be and Drake couldn’t ask for better.

http://www.socialitedreams.com/storage/jason%20momoa.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1313549750566Joseph Carter (Jason Momoa)
Head of Security

Joseph Carter spend the majority of his childhood making trouble for the local police, fire brigade and any other authority figure. He leapt from foster home to foster home, until eventually a cop named Eddie Jones took him in. He laid down the law, and Joseph learnt to respect him and anyone he respected in return. Although he never fancied the idea of law enforcement, he did resolve to try and make life easier for people he respected.

Drake Masters found Joseph working in a beat-up club as a bouncer and offered him something better; head of security at WreckLess.


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