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WreckLess Rules and FAQ

WreckLess Rules and FAQ




1. First and foremost, have fun! This is not a life commitment or a job or something that should be seen as a chore. This is for fun! Don’t take it too seriously.

2. You must be over the age of eighteen to join this community.

3. Absolutely no abuse of any kind is tolerated in this RPG! If you are found to be bullying another member you will be asked to leave.

4. Do not let OOC issues affect IC playtime. If you have an issue with someone, sort it out on your own time.

5. No god-modding is allowed. Please ask permission of a character’s mod before you include them in your posts.

6. The character limit is capped at four. Please see the ‘Character Application Rules’ below for more information.

7. Please make sure to post in your character’s personal journal and the main community at least once every two weeks. Please see the ‘Activity Rules’ below for more information.

8. Please, where possible, give at least a week’s notice for hiatus’.

9. Script logs are now allowed. Full paragraphs are preferred, however, script is now allowed. Just check your spelling if not your grammar.

10. For general purposes, the language of this RPG is English. However, if you wish to join and English is not your first language, we will assign you a volunteer to help you with your logs and journal entries.

11. Please be aware that this is an adult community! There will be sex, drugs and rock and roll!

12. If you break any of the rules, you will have a mark put against you. Three marks and you’re out!


To App A First Character…

All you need do is fill in the application form and post it. All three mods will review your application and then confer on whether you are allowed to join or not. If there is something in your application that isn’t quite right (not enough words in the history etc.) then we will give you a chance to change it, so don’t panic ^_^

To App A Second Character...

You must have been active with your current character for one month, steadily, meeting all activity checks and activity events. Making journal posts every two weeks and being active in logs.

To App A Third Character...

You must be active with your two current characters for two months, steadily, meeting all activity checks and activity events. Making journal posts for both characters every two weeks and being active with both characters in logs. In addition, should you miss an activity check or event, your time will be restarted, and you will have to begin the two months over.

To App A Fourth Character...

You must be active with your three current characters for three months, steadily, meeting all activity checks and activity events. Making journal posts for both characters every two weeks and being active with both characters in logs. In addition, we must see you taking an ACTIVE ROLE in the community. This means more than just making the journal logs faithfully and doing a log every two weeks. It means going out of your way to enjoy and play in the community, to truly be a part of it and show dedication to all of your characters. Should you miss an activity check or event, your time will be restarted, and you will have to begin the three months over.

Please, think carefully before taking on the responsibility of another character. Think it over. Do you have the time? Can you give the character all the dedication it deserves? Are you going to neglect your previous characters?


Activity is checked mainly by journal entries. I decided on this when I first set the com up because I understand that sometimes RL gets very stressful and sometimes there's an issue with time-zones where playing with someone is not always easy and logs can take time to complete.

Journal entries take five minutes and do not have to be anything meaningful. It can be as complicated as your character explaining their feelings for someone or as simple as 'I hate toast. Why would anyone want to cook bread?'. Or a joke or video your character might want to share.

If your character is NOT the kind to make public entries, then you can always label them as private, or have them write down their thoughts in an actual physical diary and then just post it in the character's journal as something that no character could read or comment on, but the players can.

Wren's journal for Raidou is a perfect example of this. Raidou writes in a physical, personal diary that no one can read or comment on, but by posting the entries into Raidou's online journal she is showing he is still active and giving the players an insight into the mind of a very complicated man.

Alex is also counting logs you post as activity, but again, we need some form of activity every two weeks. If there is some reason why you can't do this, let the mods know and we can try and sort something out. Alex is the best mod to go to for this, as she is in charge of the activity checks.

After the two weeks are up you get a first warning. Names of those on the warning will be posted on both the OOC and Mod journals every week or so. If it goes another week without any activity, you get a second warning. Another week after that (that's a month of non-activity in either journals or logs) and you lose your character. After that you have a week to reapply for them. This is as simple as saying ‘I’m sorry, please may I try again’. If we still don't hear anything from you, then we assume that you no longer want your character and drop you.

Reapplying is as simple as coming to us and asking for your character back, though if this happens more than a few times we will have to seriously consider it. But everyone gets caught up in things so if you truly just missed it because RL got on top of you we will be understanding.

Hiatuses are your friends. If you're finding you've got a lot on your plate, just put up a slowaitus or a hiatus for a little while. Then we know to be lenient or to leave you out of the weekly activity checks.

Once every three months or so there will be an activity log posted which we expect every character to attend. These will be posted in the form of an open log at WreckLess for Gold Members. These do not count towards the two weekly activity needed. They are mostly there to catch people who post at the last minute every time they get close to losing a character. I am glad to say that we do not have ANY members like that at the moment, but who knows what the future holds. It's also an excellent way to introduce new characters into the group and make new friends.

I hope this has explained everything clearly, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us.


Does my character have to be a member of staff at WreckLess? Or can I just be a regular customer?

You can be either! Though we’d prefer people to be members of staff, we’re not going to stop those who want to join purely to be a spectator! If your character is not a member of staff, they can become a Gold Member. Now this means that your character has some exclusive rights; free entry to all four sections of WreckLess, free drinks until midnight and a free meal in Easy Listening once a month.

Do all logs have to take place inside WreckLess?

Certainly not! This is just a focal point for everyone to meet in. But there’s an entire city outside WreckLess (the club is set in San Francisco) for you guys to play in! If your character wants to go on a date to a coffee shop, by all means post it! Alternately we have the Uchiha Apartment Buildings, Uchiha Inc. and Hyuuga Corp.

My character has an ongoing relationship with another character who is leaving. Does that mean I have to forget all the moments they had together?

No, and this is a pet peave of mine. If your character has been a central part of the community for some considerable amount of time, we would prefer to cut that character out of the available character roster. If possible, it’s best to try and find someone to take the character over with the same history. Or, on occasion, we will accept a same name/different person approach. But that’s only if your character has been around a long time.

Where is WreckLess set and what inspired it?

WreckLess is loosely based on Darkprism’s Bliss/Break in Monoshizukanahi. All her work can be found here and here. I strongly suggest you read it.

WreckLess itself is found on in the centre of San Francisco.

Can I add places to the WreckLess world? Like, name a coffee bar?

By all means! In fact, if you chose to do so, we will add it to the short map of places to go in the city.

I want to go on an extended hiatus, but I don’t want to loose my character! How can you help?

We allow up to a three month hiatus period before we ask that you let the character go. We honestly don’t mind, within that, how long you’re gone, but we ask that you give a valid reason for your character not to be around.

For example;

“I am going on a six week hiatus while my family is on holiday. During this period, my character, Neji, will also be on holiday in England.”

Simple enough.

Why do we have to post a journal entry and a community entry every two weeks?

The reason behind this is simple; we want this to be a close community and we don’t want people that join and just sit on their characters, doing nothing! If there’s a reason you cannot do this, then please explain to us and we can make exceptions.

Can I have an OC please?

I’m afraid not. There are only a few OOCs; Drake Masters, owner of WreckLess, Alice, his assistant, Shazz, head of Wreck and Joseph, head of security. All these OCs belong to mods, and are there so that all the characters can be on more of less the same level. If you’re talking about an OC that is mentioned in passing, like a relative, then yes, you may mention them and play them, in depth if you wish. But no journals will be allowed.

My character has siblings but the characters haven’t been taken yet. How much detail can I add to them?

As little as possible please! We are well aware that families, such as the Sabakus or the Hyuugas or the Uchihas, have strong connections with one another, but it’s not fair to set up a character if someone comes along and wants to play them differently. You may mention their IC characteristics, for example, that Temari is dominant, Itachi very responsible or Hinata shy, but nothing about their pasts, presents or futures please.