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Activity Check 16/7/2012

Weekly Activity Check 7/16/2012

First Warning: The following Character have one week to post or they will be given their second warning:


Second Warning: The following Characters have ONE week from today's date to post or they will be dropped for inactivity:

None at this time.

Dropped for Inactivity: Characters dropped for inactivity become available for app in one weeks time from either original player or another interested party.

None at this time


Please note: Several players are on Hiatus at this time.

Also, Hanah has decided it is too difficult at this time to be active in the community with her move to Korea, we wish her the best and hope to see her back in our community. However, she is dropping for now and Temari is now an available character.

If you believe this information is incorrect or if you have any questions, please ask a MOD :)